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Taxify Bolt driver long trip fare under review

11 months 2 weeks ago #698 by roller
If a driver picks up a long fare under Taxify or Bolt the fare amount is not displayed at the end of the ride. The trip will show that the fare is under review. That is because long trips with high dollar amount are automatically flagged for review.

I have performed a long ride which was over 50 Km before the weekend and was still showing no amount the following week. I reached out to support who confirmed that large dollar amount fares are automatically sent to a team for review. This is because Taxi/Bolt ensures that the amount is correct and no mistakes took place.

I also read that in some countries drivers are are using an App to fool the GPS and feeding incorrect long distances to increase the fare price. Taxify/Bolt are taking steps against such fraud by automatically flagging high dollar amount trips for review.

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