Do you have a business application in mind that requires tracking complex data, MS Access allows you to build and customise a quick business application.

Microsoft Access is a database management system with a graphical user interface. Access can be used quickly develop application software to allow you to store and manage your complex data. The data from the Access database can be linked to other programs including Excel spread sheets. Access is supported by Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) that can reference a variety of other Microsoft applications including Outlook and Excel, this is handy for scripting automation such as automated Outlook emails.

I find some clients are still using Excel to manage their data when it can be done much more efficiently in Access. If you are looking to build a quick application that allows data entry via user forms, store and link relational data and reporting this is one tool to do it in. One advantage Access has is that it allows multiple users to access and enter the data in the same table.

  • We can design and build your database and relational tables
  • User forms for data entry
  • Quick reports and dashboards
  • Link the data to Excel for additional reporting
  • Write VBA code for more complicated requirements



"Edgar recently built a database for the medical company I was working for. From the planning through to the implementation, he went the extra mile to get the job done. This involved quite some time explaining the process and benefits, for my non-technical self to understand. His perseverance to work through issues to come to a successful implementation was very much appreciated and the program has been a great success."

Lisa Pulja - United Gardens Clinic