Does the Commonwealth Bank new Android app support tap and pay on Galaxy Note 2

5 years 5 months ago #299 by roller
Few days ago I heard that the Commonwealth Bank has a new app that support tap and pay (NFC payment support). I have been waiting for this for few years. I first heard of this technology built into the phone at my old job at First Data International where they were some talks of a new payments platform called Google Wallet. I am not sure what happened there but that was the last I heard of that until the other day.

Sadly when I looked into it the CommBank app only support NFC for the Galaxy S4 phones. To be sure I installed the app on my Galaxy Note 2, which has NFC build in, but no luck. The new app will offer for your to download a tag for $2.99 on the Note 2. You can stick the tag to the back of the phone and use it.

I ordered myself a new tag but it’s a shame that it wasn't supported.

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5 years 5 months ago #307 by roller
I finally received the tag in the mail after few days. I was surprised by how thick it is, I imagined it to be a thin strip.

Pulled the back cover of the phone and stuck it right in the middle. Went to the shop and after my purchase I tried to pay but it didn't work. I lifted the cover off and tried again and it worked.

Maybe the positioning was not good so I moved it down to the bottom and performed another purchase but still no luck it will not work with it stuck under the cover.

I pulled the tag and this time put it outside the cover. This visible big ugly tag. I haven't tried it yet but if it still doesn't work theni will be disappointed.

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5 years 4 months ago #308 by roller
The tag worked fine when it was stuck on the outside of the cover but it stands out a bit on the phone. Would have preferred if it was hidden under the cover. Overall it works just fine and does what it is meant to.

Only concern I have is the tag is always active unless you turn it off via the app. Unlike the NFC built into the phone which doesn't work when the phone is locked.

I called the CBA Bank and asked them why they don't support the NFC in the Galaxy Note 2 and the operator advised they are working on it but Samsung only gave the Commonwealth Bank license the use NFC on the Galaxy S4. I personally don't understand how this works and why on one model and not all.

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