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Question A new domain cannot be registered. Has shut down?

10 years 3 weeks ago - 9 years 6 months ago #154 by roller


I have a couple of domain names registered with, or should I say sub-domains. I mainly use them for testing and during building a website for a client as a temporary name if they didn't have a name yet.

Yesterday I was checking a site from my work and I wasn't able to get to it using The browser message said that the DNS could not be resolved.

I was suspecting my company filter or DNS server was the cause and even thought it might be a temporary issue. I was able to still get to the site from my mobile at that time, the name was still possibly still in my ISP's cache.

Today I checked again and no luck. After digging in a bit I found out that has possibly shut down. When I checked the main DNS servers I found no record for this domain exists any more.

No one knows why but when I visited their website from my mobile, which I was still able to do, I couldn't log in. I was redirected to a message "A new domain cannot be registered".

To bad for all those people who had a name with them, they probably lost a bit of traffic. There were a lot of spammers and malware sites using their service and Google blocked them from search results for a while now. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.
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