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VBA initialize Skills

4 years 5 months ago #645 by DamianVBA
Replied by DamianVBA on topic VBA initialize Skills
Hi again!

Well, i got my code to work

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Also sorted out my problems with using the new server, but here comes a new one... My job on my company it's monitoring calls, agents and queues... so I need to have avaya working for me, but if I try to start another server it won't because avaya won't let me login 2 times on the same computer, you can login 2 times one in each computer without any trouble, but the problem comes when you try to do that on the same computer. Me and all my mates have 2 computers and 3 screens but we need both the monitoring and the reporting on the same computer. Is there any way to get 2 servers with the same user password on the same computer?

As always, thanks in advance, you've been very helpfull here!

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