Channel 9 A current Affair and Brendan O'Connell story

11 years 2 months ago #28 by roller
Yesterday I was watching the TV as usual after I got home from work and I saw a story on Channel 9 A Current Affair of a man named Brendan O'Connell. What caught my attention was what he was saying about the 9/11 twin tower attack in the United States. He claims that the attack was orchestrated by Israel or planned to gain support for Israel cause, I am not sure what exactly he said but it was something to that extent.

Now I have come across some similar points of view on the internet on web sites such as and some You Tube videos, whether it is true or not it is not for me to judge in this forum. But Being the inquisitive person that I am I looked up Brendan O'Connell's You Tube videos, the one Channel 9 were advertising, and I had a look for myself.

From what I can see Brendan O'Connell did not do anything but express his opinions yet he is charged with a crime that may poses a 14 years jail term. This is more than some other serious criminals would get just for speaking his mind. This is very disturbing to any one anywhere. I am even reluctant speaking about this issue in the fear that I may be targeted for sounding like I support this man. So let me make it clear I do not support any racial hatred, but let me also say it is a sad world that I live in if I have to make this point in fear.

After looking at all the videos and reading numerous blogs about Brendan O'Connell I started to get the picture. It seems that first of all Channel 9 has twisted and manipulated some video footage to make Brendan O'Connell sound bad. It also seems to me that there are organised groups of people with a common meme that Brendan O'Connell been criticizing have ganged up against him to silence him. These groups have been criticised for their human rights abuses, their influential political powers and their ability to label any one who opposes them as a criminal.

This lowers the standard of the Australian commercial TV networks when they do anything for a story, even if it is for criticizing a man for his free speech by manipulating footage and over dramatising facts. All that aside I think Channel 9 has aided the cause of Brendan O'Connell more than anything by making me and others aware of his story even thought it is clear that it was not the intention of the story. As they say no publicity is bad publicity.

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11 years 2 months ago - 10 years 6 months ago #29 by roller
The videos that landed Brendan O'Connell in trouble with Perth police

He has been charged in relation to the posting of anti-Semitic videos on You Tube which were later taken down from his account. But there are numerous links to these videos all over the web including You Tube from other users if you can still find them.

Brendan O'Connell has been labelled as a villain by some people and a warrior by others.
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11 years 2 months ago #30 by roller
You haven't heard much from Brendan O'Connell lately?

Well that is no surprise he has been gagged by the courts in Australia from publishing any material on the internet until the conclusion of his trial. Apparently he posted another video on his YouTube account which got him was arrested and temporary incarcerated in May for breaching his bail condition. His YouTube account has been closed so there is no trace of this video.

Brendan has been charged with a racial vilification law in Australia for targeting Jews but he argues that Jews are not a race but rather a religion. It seems that Brendan has been abandoned by all and can't find any expert witnesses to help his case.

Other than that there is very little information on Brendan, maybe visitors to this forum can give us an update if they have any? You can post anonymously without registering but please kept the discussion civil.

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11 years 2 months ago #31 by roller
Guilty of racial hatred

Yep the trial started around the 16th of January. Brendan fired his lawyer and represented himself before he was found guilty on the 28th of January of 6 of the 7 charges against him.

His video was played at the court and apparently someone was so disturbed by it they left the court sobbing. His supporters were removed from the court for being disruptive. Brendan will remain in custody until he return to court on Monday.

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11 years 2 months ago #32 by roller
There's clearly a limit to free speech

Well Bredan O'Connell has been sentenced to three years jail term, wow.

I know we get a lot of hits about this story, people please leave your comments and let's us know your thoughts.

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